James Prola

Commercial Filmmaker

James is an award winning filmmaker with 18 years industry experience. Having worked on 12 feature films and over 75 commercials, he has successfully managed six figure budgets and supervised teams of over 100 artists.

Recently he has been working as a freelance post-production specialist on various short form content.

James played a fundamental role in the successful growth of several studios and held positions such as creative director, production manager and post-production supervisor.


Sampling of individual and collaborative projects. Credits vary from Director, Editor, Camera, Animator and Compositor.
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Trusted By the Best

Over the past 18 years in the industry, James has created commercial and cinematic content for brands including Google, Ford, Verizon, Target, Deckers and Patagonia. Notably his creative direction on the Coca-Cola, Liquid Dreams commercial was awarded the 2013 Silver Telly Award.

In addition to brand direct, James also works as a freelance creative for various studios and agencies. Throughout the years he has created content for some of the world's leading facilities including Ogilvy, Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon and DC Films.

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2013 Silver Telly Award

Legend3D won this award for it's 3D work Coca-Cola Zero: Liquid Dreams. In collaboration with the Visual Effects Supervisor, as the Stereographer on the spot, James developed the stereoscopic art direction of the piece and determined how the seamless 30 second shot should look in 3D space. He lead a talented team to model and animate the environment with an extraordinary amount of depth and detail.

2013 3D Technology Award

This award was granted to Legend3D for it's innovated visual effects pipeline (2D to 3D Conversion). Over the years James was instrumental in advancing the technology of the studio and pipeline. Notably he is an author on the patent multi-stage production pipeline system that the studio utilizes to deliver industry leading quality.

2012 Gold Stevie Award

Legend3D won this award for its conversion technology. As a creative head in the studio, James continually worked to improve the workflow, techniques and tools used to create industry leading stereoscopic quality. Notably he developed a patented augmentation technique that achieved much more volume and depth when working on 2D animations. This breakthrough lead to the great success of The Little Mermaid 3D.

United States Patent #9007365

Line depth augmentation system and method for conversion of 2D images to 3D images
Issued April 14, 2015

United States Patent #20140146037

Line depth augmentation system and method for conversion of 2D images to 3D images
Issued May 29, 2014

United States Patent #20130266292

Multi-stage production pipeline system
Issued October 10, 2013