James Prola

Director + Editor

James is an award winning filmmaker with 15 years industry experience. Having worked on over 12 feature films and over 35 commercials, he has successfully managed six figure budgets and supervising teams over 100 artists strong. James played a fundamental role in the successful growth of several studios and held positions such as creative director, production manager and post production supervisor.

Previous Projects

Small sampling of individual and collaborative projects. Click Here to view full portfolio including credits.

Trusted By the Best

Over the past 15 years in the industry, James has created commercial and cinematic content for brands like Google, Ford, Verizon, Hallmark and Target. Notably his work on Coca Cola, Liquid Dreams commercial was awarded the 2013 Silver Telly Award.

In addition to brand direct, James also works a freelance creative for various studios and agencies. Throughout the years he has created content for some of the World's leading facilities including Ogilvy, Walt Disney, DreamWorks, and Marvel Film Studios.

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